UDIM Packing Toolbox for Maya

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Pack UDIM tiles interactively without breaking texel density, or pack tiles automatically based on world space location. UDIM layout has never been this easy in Autodesk Maya

Youtube video here

Update 1 video here

WARNING before using these scripts:

If you're using Maya 2018 please install service pack 6 or later

If you're using Maya 2017 please install service pack 5 or later


-Special toggle image dimming on/off that will remember your settings after Maya restart

-Toggle checker map on/off and increase/decrease checker scale

-Toggle on/off UV shaded, UV border, show mesh edges in view port, tile lines, tile labels, % used UV space 0-1, and number of UV shells

-Move UV shells by one tile left, right, up, down

-Rotate and flip UVs without creating new shells

-Orient UV shells to X, Y, Z, edge, UVs, horizontal or vertical

-Padding and map size inputs

-Toggle automatic shell rotation on/off for all packing operations

-Toggle automatic shell stacking on/off for all packing operations

-Pack all UVs 0-1, or pack selected 0-1

-Pack selected UV shells 0-1 and apply the resulting texel density to the rest of the model with a single click. Great for selecting your largest shells that will fit into a single UDIM tile and automatically applying the correct texel density to all the other shells

-Pack selected UV shells to the current selection pivot. Great for organization and quickly clustering shells together with the correct padding

-Layout selected shells into a vertical or horizontal rectangular shape. Click the button again to stretch out the rectangle and create longer clusters

-Select UV shells that overlap between tiles

-Select UV shells that reside in the current tile using shell bounding boxes or shell pivots

-Toggle automatic packing on/off if you want to manually arrange specific shells and send them to a tile

-Send shells to a specific UDIM tile and pack them to the center of that tile with a single click. Send more shells to the same tile to fill up any wasted space, or pack specific shells together for organization. Dynamically pack UDIM tiles with the intuitive fast controls designed for the 1001 - 1010 workflow

-Send shells to next tile to save time and avoid having to type tile numbers if you just want to send your selection to the next tile in the list

-Send shells associated with each selected mesh to UDIM tiles from left to right based on world space location +X to -X. World space location is calculated by each mesh's bounding box center.

-Map size and texel density input fields

-Special Copy/paste texel density tools which are significantly faster than the Maya get and set texel density tools found in the UV toolkit

-Settings persist after Maya restart

-Toolbox takes up minimal screen space so you can leave it open while you work

-Free updates, includes any improvements made to the script after purchase, download the same file again to get the update

-Tested on Maya 2023, 2022, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, LT, Student

-Works on PC and Mac

-Installation and usage instructions contained in .zip file

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UDIM Packing Toolbox for Maya

4 ratings
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